Flight deck

The ‘flight deck’ portal allows hospitals in the north east region to share real-time information about bed capacity and escalation levels.

Used throughout the North East, the ‘flight deck’ web portal allows hospitals to share real-time information about bed capacity and escalation levels and is a key part of the region’s approach to surge management.  Taken directly from north east ambulance systems, the detail shows pressure on hospitals to enable more intelligent management of activity.

The flight deck shows a live hospital situation report for the region at a glance; hospitals can view their own and neighbouring trust OPEL levels, ED pressures and bed status.  A map of ambulances unallocated by hospital provides a visual indication of potential arrivals.  Those ambulances enroute / at hospital can also be identified.

The flight deck is accessible to those with an active NHS email account – to register, please click the here.

This visual demonstration of pressures in the region has allowed trusts to be aware of pressures, take responsibility for their own organisations, yet offer support to others during times of surge and escalation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patient remains the priority.  A possible result of this collaborative working is that North East continues to report A&E 4-hour performance figures well above the national average.